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Dane Lyddiard - Women in STEM: Anda Clayton and Her Four Passionate Decades in Pathology

Posted by on 14 June 2015

AndaI was recently fortunate enough to sit down and chat with two ASM members who were pivotal in developing my passion for microbiology: University of New England Associate Professor Lily Pereg (previous blog) and former Head of Microbiology at Southern IML Pathology, Ms. Anda Clayton. I was honoured to have worked under the guidance of Anda who always promoted my interest in learning and impressed me with her extensive knowledge. Now I have the opportunity to share some of her experiences in the field of clinical microbiology. I am sure Anda’s experiences will add to those of Lily, revealing just two of the many possible careers in Microbiology. It’s important to point out that both Anda and Lily work in regional areas, demonstrating that you don’t need to live in the big cities to build your career.

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