Dane Lyddiard - Introduction

Posted by Dane Lyddiard on 4 June 2015 | Comments

Hi everyone!  My name’s Dane and I get to be your Communication Ambassador for the next few weeks (*cue cheers2015 06 03 SelfieForBlog and/or boos*).  To kick off I apparently have to write a bit about myself, so here I go… I recently commenced a PhD project at the University of New England (UNE) in Armidale, NSW, where I am looking at phytochemicals and their derivatives in the hope of finding new antimicrobial compounds with potential clinical applications.  My honour’s thesis was related to the same topic, looking specifically at Aboriginal plant medicines as topical antimicrobials.  Before moving to rural NSW for my research, I worked for a pair of years in the micro department of a regional (Wollongong) path lab as an Aide while I undertook my undergraduate studies.  So, as you can probably guess, I’m not much of a city boy and I hope that my regional experiences can benefit those of you not in the big cities (I’ll make sure I throw in some tweets about microbiology in the bush!). 

Microbiology has been a passion from quite young, but circumstance and life took me on a different study and career path for many years (I originally studied Indigenous and Public Health, and worked in HIV prevention, English Language Teaching and Health Promotion).  Finally I have come full circle and returned to focus on my passion.  I hope I can share experiences that inspire others to come to the dark side engage with microbiology.  It’s seriously the most awesome field!