Queensland State Branch

Welcome to the Queensland State Branch!

The Queensland State Branch is made up of the following people:



Dr Kate Seib (Griffith) Chairperson
Dr Ulrike Kappler (UQ) Vice Chair
Dr Deirdre Mikkelsen (UQ) Treasurer
Dr Pat Blackall (UQ) Secretary
Dr Jack Wang (UQ) Newsletter Editor
Dr Ning-Xia Fang (QLD Health) Ex Officio
Dr Ros Gilbert (DAFF) Ex Officio
Dr Minh-Duy Phan (UQ) Ex Officio
Dr Evgeny Semchenko (Griffith) Ex Officio
Dr Jillian Templeton (DAFF) Ex Officio
Dr Christina Neuman (USC) Ex Officio
Luke Blakeway (Griffith) Student Representative
Genevieve Kerr (USC) Student Representative
Andrew Turner (UQ) Student Representative